Plasma Injection

Plasma Injection is a technique which includes drawing your very own modest quantity blood (9ml) which is then infused again into the face, neck or body to facilitate producing collagen and full up the skin. Plasma Injection makes your skin younger looking and refreshed.

Plasma Injection was created during the 1970s to help with twisted recuperating after medical procedure and went onto be utilized for sports wounds, consumes and dentistry.

It has been utilized in the UK since 2006 for hostile to maturing and facial revival. Furthermore, a few people have had constructive outcomes in treatment for androgenic alopecia (male example hair sparseness).

Most regularly utilized on the face, it can likewise be given on the backs of the hands, on scars, and hyperpigmentations to revive the skin.

How Plasma Injection Works ?

Platelets in your plasma are contain growth factors which rejuvenate collagen production.

When it is re-injected into the skin, these growth factors trigger stem cells to increase boosting facial volume and lessening wrinkles. This is a very safe treatment for most types of skin to help the skin to produce more collagen and to rejuvenate.

What is the recovery time?

The treatment zone can look rough and red for a couple of days. Straight after the procedure individuals will be provided a antimicrobial cold soothing face mask.

The side effects and risks

As the Plasma is a product from your own body there is no risk of any undesirable incidents, for example, a hypersensitive response.

You may experience some minor pain at the site the injections for a very short period of time after the procedure. You also may develop minor bruising, swelling and redness but these will be recovered within a couple of days.

This may be a decent choice for individuals who don’t care for the possibility of medical procedure and are searching for a characteristic option instead of Botox or fillers.

Is there anybody you shouldn’t do it? Plasma Injection is a safe  procedure for almost everyone who is healthy. You shouldn’t have this treatment in the event that you have sepsis, malignant growth, any liver condition or are having intensive anti-coagulant treatment. Individuals with platelet disease, basic thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenemia are haemodynamic unsteadiness are additionally not reasonable to have the Plasma Injection procedure.

Plasma Injection : Single session £300  Three sessions £750

  • Face
  • Scalp