Profhilo is an innovative treatment for the improvement of dry and ageing skin. Profhilo improves skin firmness, tightness and quality, and is considered as a fantastic  ‘true breakthrough’ in anti-ageing treatments.

Profhilo is an injectable skin bio-remodelling treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and helps to significantly improve tissue quality. It is clinically proven to improve skin texture, address signs of aging and hydrate the skin by using one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid with the effects lasting up to 9 months.

Profhilo offers natural facial rejuvenation to enhance the individual unique facial features and present the skin at its radiant best!

Profhilo naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to significantly improve skin quality, reduce lines and wrinkles and contour the face.

This amazing product can be used for a wide range of clients from youngers who wish to hydrate their skin and prevent the signs of ageing to more mature skin as an effective treatment to correct skin laxity, smooth deeper lines and lift the jowls.

Profhilo treatment takes just 10 minutes and ‘remodels’ the skin after just 2 treatments (4 weeks apart) resulting in tighter, firmer, hydrated, smoother, radiant skin. Profhilo complements other aesthetic treatments by significantly improving skin quality.

Profhilo in Neck

Profhilo injection in neck is an effective Non-Surgical method to achieve a more youthful neck. As it is a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid, it will target the wrinkles and plumps up the skin and makes the skin tightened, more refreshed and hydrated. 

Profhilo promotes the production of four different types of elastin and collagen. Consequently, it produce a natural youthful look of your neck. A complete course of treatment consists of two sessions of injections four weeks apart.

At Smart Cosmetic Clinic we offer a discounted combined treatments for Face and Neck. Please see the details in the Price list.

Profhilo Prices:  One session £275    Two sessions: £495