Skin Tightening (Mesotherapy)

Mesotherapy is one alternative to microneedling. A French treatment originally developed to inject medicine into subcutaneous fat; it is now widely used for skin rejuvenation, but is a different procedure to microneedling entirely. Both mesotherapy and microneedling involve needling techniques; however, they differ in terms of needle length, application, depth of penetration, speed of delivery and the skin conditions they treat.

Mesotherapy is inserting a cocktail of powerful vitamins into the lower layers of the skin.

It is a better treatment for skin issues that present from within the lower layers, such as dehydration and advanced ageing, because a targeted active solution is being injected as the needle is penetrating the skin.

Many mesotherapy solutions have a hyaluronic acid base for this reason, infusing hydration for a plumping glow from deep within the skin.

With mesotherapy, no anaesthetic is required, and clients may experience a mild tingling sensation on the skin for up to 48 hours.”

Mesotherapy can be used for face, neck, stubborn fat bags and hair restoration.

Skin Tightening (Mesotherapy): from £200